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Covid or Bust - Estes Colorado (Part 2)

WOOOHOOO - We made it, no drama and no issues 1000 miles down over 2 days with an RV is awesome! (This changes a little later in our trip stay tuned for that )

Estes Park is a cute travel destination about 2 hours outside of Denver pulling a travel trailer. It is nestled in a valley surrounded some of the prettiest mountain back drops I have ever seen.

Rocky Mountain National Park This is a beautiful National park that is just a few miles out of Estes Park in Colorado

So what are we going to do in this place.. Well we will start here, My wife and myself love to explorer, see the sights but we love wildlife. But let’s talk about our luck in finding said wildlife. We have been on this quest to see a bear. Black, brown, green orange we don’t care but we want to see one. Well we explored Rocky Mountain national park 3 times and sadly no bear, sigh. But we saw tons of other creatures and critters.

We we’re driving through the park, as we come around a corner there was a large gathering of cars and people this is always a good sign of something. Back in the trees majestically laying down in the shade to escape the hot (85 degree day) was one of the largest Elk we have ever seen. I stood there for a minute in aww of such a large animal that is serene and being part of nature as all of us silly humans stand there to watch. What a great animal to view.

Top of the World

So after seeing the Elk buck, what could top this? TOP? That’s a good idea we drove to the TOP of Trail Ridge Road

The road tops out of and elevation of over 12,000 ft above sea level! Holy buckets it was high, and as you get closer to the top, you tend to drive a little slower and hug the line a little tighter, but the views were EPIC! At the top is a place that you can get out and experience the TUNDRA and breath taking 360 views, just remember to take your time our you could get light headed (no comment) But remember the views they are once in a lifetime.. Here are a view pictures, but does NOTHING for the view in real life. I personally experienced the emotions of being very very small in the world and that we are just a small part of the larger puzzle.

Bear Lake The other awesome place that we visited in the park was -- It has some great trails that are well maintained but the water was beautiful, the weather was great and we have heard their are moose in the area. We did not see said moose but we believe the moose tails.

Pictures and Pictures

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