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It almost ended our RV life

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Ok maybe it didn’t almost end it. But let me say it was an emotional mess that we got

ourselves into.

It was a late balmy Texas spring at the coast. The humidity was at 100% temps was about 90

degrees everything was sticky as we rolled into Our campsite at DARK after traveling for about 6 hours from San Antonio. We drive around the grounds and find our little oasis for the weekend.

So here comes the snowball of events. Its Friday night, people are everywhere, kids on their bikes, extra car are sprinkled around my back path like little land minds and everyone is ready for a show! So the wife hops out, the son hops out, the sons girlfriend hops out and finally off goes my daughter. So here I am about to back up our sexy new trailer (second trip with it) with me and well someone left the dog in the car with me. Well me and scrappy we’ve got this one. I get lined up. Get the wife on the phone and here we go.

I start my many attempts into this spot, I am really here just to provided this evenings entertainment for the camp site. So we start to back in, I have this car on the side of me that is a challenge, a palm tree to the right of me. Slowly squeak back, my wife and son are argueing about which way I need to back into, then all of a sudden two kids like two pokemon appear out of no where peddling their bikes like missles in front of my truck barely missing me. Well my dog didn’t miss them, my little sleeping terroir wakes up and starts barking to alert me of the children that could come back and attack us at anytime. Remind you this is all happening the same time as i have a 37 foot trailer in reverse. Well attempt 1 fail. Pull back forward. Try again and let me tell you it almost happened the same way the second time. 3rd time ummm almost. 4th woohoo we are in. After wrestling with little kids on a suicide bike ride, my barking dog and a very awkward spot we made it in. Wow. Well everyone is grumpy, hot and wants in the trailer. So I spring to action to get us all hooked up. So power check, AC running check. Water line hooked up. Check. Wheels chalked. Ok, now to have a wreasling match with the notorious stinky slinky. (poop house) So I get gloved up in my purple surgeon gloves, locate the white cap of smell and get everything lined up. ( now I have done this a few times through the years so this isn’t completely new but what happens next is)

So dawning my purple gloves with my flashlight in one hand and the stinky slinky in another I approach the enemy cautiously. I make sure that all is good around me, i reach up to remove the cap to make sure to slowly remove it. ( now remember it’s 90+ degrees) . I go to remove the cap and now with pressurized section of pipe between the black tank valve, the cap comes flying off and a high pressure flow of poop comes flying out and directly targeting my feet and yes I had sandals on.

Let me tell you the shock of this was quickly replaced with the smell and the thought of poop all over me and a large pile on the ground.

Well I hollered at the wife to come over as I squish over to the service pole to wash off my feet.

Now this is NOT the way to handle what comes next but panic set in and well we do dumb things. So I grab the water hose. Such a bad idea and in a panic well I need to wash this down. Well adding a little water made this massive mess all over so after a gallon of bleach, killing off a broom and completely fraying every last nerve I had!

I will admit after this event I considered selling the trailer and going home. But I am glad that I didn’t. I learned from this event and we moved on to bigger adventures. And had a fabulous weekend.

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