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Our Story

So about a year ago, my wife and I started discussing our next phase in life, We are proud parents of 5 great children. We started EARLY on our life with children and in the next year 4 of our kiddos will be off to college or on their own, so what do we want to do?

We love to travel, My wife and I are are best friends and we love a good adventure so we have started our adventure. Back in March of 2020, we bought our first RV (Post) with the intention of this will be our "first swing" at RV life and see if we love it or hate it.

Well after several months WE LOVE it, We have been out on several weekend trips and spent the entire month of July living our adventure, only to return to have to get our kids ready for school. (If my wife had her way we would still be on the road) This was the life and freedom that we have been looking for and desiring for a very long time. Our relationship on the road is much stronger, we spend more time with each other. I wish I could bundle that up in a ball and give it to each one of you.

So why?

My wife and I have always wanted a life of adventure and freedom. The Great American dream of a house with a white picket fence and a lot of finical debt is really not our dream it actually is a prison and we fell into this trap face first. The stress that in returns puts on our relationship, our children and everyone around us.

Our Plan! Well if you want to take a dream and make it a reality you have to make a GOAL and a PLAN to get there or it will always be a dream. Like Marc and Trish say from Keep Your Day Dream, start small but start now! This couldn't be further from the truth and this is where we are today. We have started to make our plan, even tho it doesn't have all of the details yet we have a goal in the summer of 2021 to start our RV adventure of traveling the US to live OUR dream and not the one we thought we wanted.

  1. Reduce and Eliminate our Debt - I wish we could say we lived a life of no debt, but we have.

  2. Simplify our life, Similar to reducing our debt, we are working to make our lives easier and reduce the "stuff" in our life. What do we really need vs what we really want.

  3. Review our goals weekly and make sure that we are getting where we need to be.

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