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We did IT! Launch Completed

We finally did it! We may our move to being full time RVers this week and HOLY Cow!

This has been a huge adventure for us — and we have been a light on sharing our adventure up to this point..

The last few weeks have been hugely stressful as we are not only moving out of our home, but we are minimizing our life. We have gone from a 2400 sq ft home to a 300 sq ft RV along with a 10x10 storage unit.

Going through our life over the last few weeks on what do we keep what do we take on the RV with us, what do we want to keep in our storage and what do we get rid of was a massive challenge. It was much harder then we believed it ever was.

As we got down to the last few days the stuff in the RV seemed to pile up and it became very crowded, but we had a launch date and we were going to stick to it, and we did..

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