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Always Be There....

So over the weekend, we packed up our youngest kiddo and her friend to head to the beach to celebrate her 12th Birthday. So we get our swimsuits, towels and pack the RV up to head off.. The trip down was great, trailer pulled well, even in the 103 degree heat!

We hit our favorite RV resort down in Port Arkansas, ( Port A RV ) easy enough to remember get checked in and get our site and trailer all setup. It was a beautiful evening at the park, the temps cooled down into the low 70's and enjoyed the evening and weather.

The next day we are ready - shopping and the beach here we come.

After a few hours of shopping at some of my wife's favorite shops, we headed to the beach.

Well the state of TX has changed how the beach access in Port Arkansas worked since we were there last time, (we should of done a bit of research before heading out)

It wasn't a complete train wreck, we were able to find a parking spot to sneak the golf cart that we were in . And our first event of the trip hit. As my wife and I were stopping in our golf cart, This pretty blonde girl collapses in-front of our eyes, and is laying almost face down on the beach between our golf cart and another, looking lifeless. Me and my wife jump out and go and check on the young lady. After a few moments that felt like several hours, we were able to get the girl to wake back up and we are trying to figure out what happened to her. We laid her down in the shade of the golf cart, gave her some water and were trying to make sure that she was ok.

I look over and all of a sudden one of her friends that was with her, also passed out, This poor girl as she was collapsing hit the tire well of car she was leaning up against and hit her head really hard. I am thinking are their drugs involved? Why are these two young women passing out at almost the same time. At this point I hop in the golf cart to go and get us some help. (No cellphone coverage) I rush down the beach driving like Mario Andretti to where the Police are monitoring who is coming and going. I tell the officer what is going on and lead him back to where I had left my wife and the two girls that were in distress. As we return both girls seem to be doing better, they have cooled down and drank some water. Their other friends that were with them had also brought over some fruit for them to eat. We were finally able to get to the bottom of the story. This group of girls were from a town a little over an hour away and came down to the beach to celebrate their friends 16th birthday. None of them had any thing to eat or drink all day long (its about 3 in the afternoon) and its well into the mid 90's with a good breeze. They had both became highly dehydrated. My wife sent me off to the water front with my daughter and her friend as she wanted to make sure this group of girls were ok.

So off I went to the water front. My wife ended up packing up the group of girls on the

golfcart. They had parked their car well over a mile away, and my wife drove them back so they could get into the AC and relax. My wife is the woman that I love everyday as she wanted to make sure this group of 16 and 17 year old girls were safe. We never know when someone will need our help.

So the next day we had to go home :( Sigh! But we are about 9 months until we move to our full time adventure in RV'ing. So we get everything packed up, trailer loaded and off we go. Heading down the road about an hour and half or so time for our first stop, we are all starving. We pull into a flying J, and well this place is a ZOO, cars flying around, huge line at McDonald's and just a hot mess. There is a small gravel drive way that I sneak into and kick the wife out to get some food so i can guard the kids and don't have to take them in. She leaves, and I finish turning the trailer around and the dashboard in the truck lights up with warnings about the trailer connection.. Hmmm wonder what this could be. So I get out, go and wiggle the cable and go back in the cab, still have this warning. So restart the truck..... and still nothing.. So back to the cable to investigate. UGH UGH dang it, !@#$!@#$ I had pinched the cable and cut half way through it with the trailer. I am thinking its a 101 degrees outside and this is going to take a while for me to patch up.

So here I am working away getting this spliced back up so we can get home, Then I happen to look over at this massive 5th wheel that was pulling in, but he is pulling into a middle pump right next to us.. (I NEVER NEVER USE a middle pump, I have waited for 30 minutes for an end pump in the past) as I m watching he is TO CLOSE, and all of a sudden he hits the concrete safety pole and drags it down about 7 feet down the side of his trailer, as I m watching this - Its heading for his sewer outlet and all of a sudden waster water is spewing everywhere. OMG OMG :( So my wife is already out trying to get them to stop. So this nice couple get out, lots of cussing and yelling. (I feel awful for them). So my wife and another nice gentlemen helped them out, as I m stuck trying to fix our RV. But as we talked with them, this was their first time out with there RV. So i went over and spoke with them and tried to tell them don't let this stop you from this lifestyle.

Finally after getting their trailer strapped up and metal cut off their trailer so they could get on their way. They left... I still wonder if they made it back home safely


Then I get to finish my, very small problem now, and get it all wrapped up! Here is my repair job (Worked the first time as well) I will complete the final repair in the next week or so.

Always remember that we are all humans and we can be good to each other. No matter who they are, where they come from we always need of help from time to time. If you see someone that needs some help, please be a good human and reach out to them and offer a hand, you never know when you are going to be the person that will need help next. I was glad that we were in the right places at the right time over the weekend to help these folks in the time of need. Love you guys! Please like, share and comment! This helps the community!

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