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El Paso - Shake Down Trip


El Paso Texas Fort Bliss RV Park

(This park requires military sponsorship by a family member to get in)

March 2021

Overall Weather

Warm Days in the 60s / 70s and lows in the High 30’s / Very Very Windy Gusts we saw into the 60mph


We spent 2 days traveling from Boerne TX (524 miles)

We traveled most of the trip on I-10. We spent our first night in our brand new sexy as hell 5th wheel in the darkness of the FT Stockton Walmart. You ask how did that go? All and all went ok. What did we learn.

FT Stockton is in the middle of no where. I mean there is nothing before or after FT Stockton for atleast 100 miles on both sides. So It’s really the only mid point on I-10 between San Antonio and El Paso, with that there is a large amount of RV over nighters at this Walmart so be ready for this if you stay here.

We arrived about 1:30am at Walmart, we found out that this was a popular overnight spot and it was very full. It took a few circles of the parking lot to find a spot for us to pull into. One thing we had a near miss with a stop sign pole. We were clear of the pole but put a small scratch on the RV from the stop sign itself. UGH. But this is an adventure and things like that happen. I have a buffer and this will be fine.

We tucked in and got a few hours of sleep, the temps were low but not cold. We woke up around 6am had some breakfast and pulled back out on the road. The one nice thing with the Walmart it is easy to get in and out of even with a 65 foot truck and trailer. But remember the night before. Visually plan your escape route and leave early so you dont get blocked in.

The next 4-5 hours of travel were fine and we were able to get to the RV park, the problem at our park is that we needed my wife’s sister had to check us in but she was still 5 hours away. So we looked up a Walmart near by and ended up doing some shopping and parked their until we could get checked in.

The camp host that checked us in was great and very friendly. gave us all the information we needed and the lay or the land.

Getting in!!! Well Our “Rig” is 65 feet long so the turn into the lanes between the sites is very tight for our size. My first attempt was a huge miss. There are two roads when you come into the park the inside one makes it impossible to swing the basically u-turn you needed to get in. So after a little wiggling back and fourth I was able to get to a point where I could make a lap around the park and try it again. The second time being on the right road, even tho it was still very tight, I was able to get it around the corner and down to our spot. We parked and all is well. I always find in funny tho, we had several folks from the campsite observing our parking efforts looking for some Saturday evening entertainment, but lucky for us the show was very boring and un-eventful.

First Time Setup:

We have had this RV for several months but we have never had it “out” But with experiences of other RVs this went very smooth. The site had solid professionally maintained hookups so no creativity was needed. I had a new gadget for this RV which is a new surge protector - I really like this one and highly recommend it. Link here:

FT Bliss RV Park:

Requires Military Sponsorship - you have to be related to someone in the military or be in the military to use this campsite.

This site was great. It was very clean, nicely kept and felt very safe. the view from our site was awesome. Here was my view this first morning that I worked from the master bedroom, as this was not a vacation for me but having to work with this view was awesome!

The rest of the week was spent working and helping my wife’s sister and family get settled in their new home. We didn’t get out and about and do anything exciting in El Paso but has some awesome Taco’s at Taco Tote ( highly recommend)

We did experience some very high winds gusts well over 65mph but the RV did fine and just shook a bit. But the crazy winds created awesome sunsets.

But the winds did delay us coming home. We were planning on leaving on Saturday but the winds weren’t going to allow us to leave. They insisted we stay one more day. So on Sunday before the Sun was up we packed up and headed back to Boerne.

Over the course of the day the winds on the way home built and was blowing about 20-30mph but with the dually and the weight of the 5th wheel we had no issues. I am amazed by how well this RV tows and how little effort it all goes down the road.

it was a long day of driving but made it home safely in about 11 hours.

We can’t wait. June is our date for heading out full time with many more adventures. Please subscribe for all that is to come!!

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