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First Travel Day

Our first day of travel was delayed, this was mainly due to belong exhausted from pushing to get the last of the items with the house tied off, kids stuff settled and other tasks that we pushed to the very end. Looking back I

wish we would of planned things a little better and gave us a bit more time for everything but in the end it did work out.

On the Road Again!

We left San Antonio heading out towards Houston on I-10. Let me tell you I-10 is a rough ride starting in Houston heading east. There is a fair amount of construction and lots of road work and very bumpy roads. This put a lot of physical stress on me and my passengers. Towing the RV on a heavy duty truck there is a lot of jarring so I recommend making atleast one stop along the way just to get off the road and take a 30 minute break.

Who needs an RV Site? We don’t!

We were off to our first stop which was a boon-docking stop in St Charles at the Casino.. Nice Casino, safe with lots of lights and they let us park in the back with no issues. This was a great boondocking test for us. We were able to fire up the generator and get one side out for enough room for everyone to sleep. We kept the truck hooked up and made a quick walk to the casino for some dinner. It was a busy Saturday night but there was plenty of parking in the back of the parking lot and we had several RVs around us.

A few notes is the parking lot is huge but the turns are a bit tight for a 65 ft long truck and trailer. Be comfortable with being in a tight turns and having someone to spot for you. Just remember slow and patient is your friend. If you can pre scout the lot I would recommend it so you don’t end up stuck :)

Thanks Golden Nugget!

The trip was about 500 miles and in RV time we averaged about 56miles per hour. This makes for a long day after you get up early load the RV, packing it up on the truck and getting out of the park. I highly recommend if you are making a long travel day prepare the day before to make your leave day easier - make a good check list and check it off.

Our next stop is Mississippi!!!

Helpful links:

Golden Nugget:

2550 Golden Nugget Blvd, Lake Charles, LA 70601

we have a pet and while we are away this monitoring is critical to make sure the temp is safe for scrappy -

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