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Gas prices got ya down? Heres our tips!

Since gas prices are on the rise. Here are a few things we have done to help

1. We move every 20-23 days instead of 14-16

2. We look for boondocking options even if it’s 1-2 days a month

3. Check that air pressure sure makes a difference.

4. Ok lead foot. Try shedding 5MPH when traveling it can make 2-5MPG improvement

5. Diet time for the RV. Go through and purge items you don’t want in the RV get rid of the clothes that don’t fit the tools you don’t use and those chairs that have 3 inchs of duat. Weight = gas

6. Is the vehicle all tuned up / clean filters etc.

7. Lighten those tanks. Travel with empty tanks if you can or learn how to travel lighter with water

Hope it helps! Love you guys and be safe.

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