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Spring-tastic Severe Weather

My personal service announcement. Are you ready for freaks storms hail high winds etc? Are your ready for the 2am wake up call by Mother Nature wrecking havoc on your RV and so you have the tools and things to deal with this!

I would highly recommend packing a few extra items for your RV this time of year

A good tarp

Something you can cover a large section of your room and strap down

Good ole rope -

keep things tied down - I love climbing rope for its strength and durability

Ground tie downs

Hold things down - these are amazing. If your have to strap something down this anchors will get the job done for you. Even in high winds

Flex seal for those emergency roof repairs

There is nothing more destructive then water in your RV - being ready is KEY!!!

Flex seal tape

Great for quick window repairs and many other things to keep water out of your RV

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