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The Journey Weekly Update

What to give our growing community and new friends to that community an update on our journey.

Our goal is to be Full-Time by the end of June 2021 - Why wait? Well we have 2 kiddos that graduate from Highschool this year and we are trying to get them over that finish line.

WE have been super busy getting ready for this adventure.

We have been decluttering our current home, holy cow. To give you guys a little background we moved to our current home about 5 years ago from the Austin area. During that move we did a PURGE. We had lived in our last home for over 14 years and we did the deep DEEP purge. So I am amazed in 5 years how much "stuff" "junk" and over crap we have aquired. If you are planning to full time start this process early. PRO TIP: We are posting everything on eBay or Facebook Market place, almost everything has a value to someone.

The other front we are working on is getting rid of vehicles. We bought a new to us F450 and we will be getting rid of our loved Toyota‘s. The Tacoma is currently for sale and the Tundra will be for sale in the next few months.

Now the exciting piece. We have been working hard to narrow down the next RV we want. We currently have the travel trailer but we are going to move up to a 5th wheel but not any 5th wheel we are going with a toy hauler. So why are we moving up to a Toy Hauler. One is we want to share the experience with everyone, two we have a large family along with I am an Executive that needs a dedicated space to work from and this seems to be the best fit for us. Now ask me in a year to see if that was the best decision. So where we have narrowed this down to. Top of the list as of last weekend (We think) Dutchmen Voltage 4225 (Brand new in 2021) MSRP: $145,000 Discounted Price: $74,589

What do we like and why is this at the top of the list.

Things we like 1. Quality - Dutchmen has a great quality record and we want someone that stays behind their product

2. Floorplan - Jaclynn really likes that for a toyhauler this has a home feel to it, with 6 seats across (3 sofas), It has a full size pantry, and the bed in the master goes east and west on a slide, (This gives a much more house feel in the master)

3. Bathrooms - It has 1.5 baths - This is a big deal with a big family. We have 5 kids (3 of them adults) and we like for them to come and travel and vacation with us. When you have a bunch of folks with you, well there can be a backup for the bathroom and it can quickly get stressful.

Things we don't like

1. The lack of windows on the camp side - There are 5th wheels that we have looked at that have this great big view windows out of the camp side of the camper, and this one doesn't offer that panoramic view.

2. Master Shower / Bathroom - It is ok but we expected a little more decor. Its a nice shower and bathroom but expected a little more overall.

3. The lack of lighter wood work option - For Jaclynn this is probably the biggest thing she doesn't like at all, She would like to have a farm house color in the wood tones and flooring options.

Grand Design 399TH (Brand new in 2021) MSRP: $147,000 Discounted Price: $85,589

Things we like

1. I love the side patio and the glass sliding door as it gives you plenty of light into the living space.

2. The overall touch and finishes of this model we really enjoy, the cabinet quality, counters and furniture.

3. The Grand Design brand is fantastic and people love the service and the company stands behind their product.

Things we don't like

1. The only thing that we really don't like with the Grand Design is the floor plan and this is the main reason for us looking at other trailers overall.

2. Jaclynn wishes they had more of a "farm" house option for the flooring and cabinets.

Well this wrap up the blog for now - It has been super busy and we will keep everyone updated on our progress!

Love Ya! Jami and Jaclynn

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